Activities Coming Up:

December Activity - Mineral Market on Sunday 3 December:

This was a successful activity, with many visitors. There will be a write-up and some photos in the January Newsletter.

January General Meeting: - Wednesday 10 January at 7.30pm:

Following the General Business, there will be a talk by Dr Kirsten Remple, Lecturer at the Western Australian School of Mines, Department of Applied Geology, and who will be speaking on “Kalgoorlieite, a new telluride found in Golden Mile ores: Discovery of a mineral”.
Kirsten is originally from Vancouver, and completed a BSc at the University of British Columbia in 2002. She then earned an MSc and PhD in experimental geochemistry with a focus on the transport of molybdenum in ore fluids, at McGill University. After a brief sojourn as a geologist with a Quebec exploration company in 2008, she began a postdoc at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, where she did experiments on subsurface CO2 storage and metal transport in fluids. She moved to WA in 2012, where she began working as a lecturer in ore deposits at the WASM.

February Activity - Saturday 4 February at 7pm:

This activity is a "Welcome to 2018" Barbecue Night, to be held at the private home of WA members.

February Activity - Sunday 18 February daytime:

Susan Stocklmayer is holding a demo on mineral identifications in a mineral crush, using microscopy.