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This page aims to provide a list of websites with good tutorials and educational materials covering various aspects of mineralogy, as well as links to resources in gemmology, petrology, geology, paleontology, and related topics that could be of interest to mineral enthusiasts.

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AusEarthEdu  – Australian Earth Science Education produces and delivers innovative resources to support the teaching and recognition of earth sciences, including mineralogy, for Foundation to Year 12. These include a wide range of hands-on activities, presentations, videos, and investigations

AMHA – The Australasian Mining History Association looks at the history of mining involving people, communities and enterprise. Their impact in mining, metallurgy, mineralogy, archaeology and evolving environment of historic sites and stories needs to be told, recorded and conserved.

MSA YouTube Channel – MSA recorded a series of videos on careers in the geosciences on Minerals Day 2021 (Oct. 11) and throughout Earth Science Week. The careers include forensic geoscience (FBI Labs), gemmology, mining and aggregate, environmental consulting, gem and mineral museum curation, glass and ceramics research and development, mineral collecting, working as a scientist for NASA and being a rotator at the National Science Foundation.

History of silver mining in the USA – Like the ancient empires of old, the United States benefited from the discovery of silver in its territories and silver mining played a crucial role in the technological advancement of the Industrial Revolution and the 21st Century. Visit this website to read more about it.