A Joint Mineralogical Societies of Australasia Seminar is held each year. It is hosted by each Australian State and New Zealand in turn. Each seminar has a different theme, selected by the host organization. A micromount session, a mineral market, excursion(s) and a seminar dinner with a mineral auction are traditionally held as part of the Seminars.

2021 Seminar

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the formal 43rd Seminar to be held in New South Wales has been postponed to October 2021. See details here.

Perth Seminars

Three seminars were held in Perth in:

The next seminar to be held in Perth is scheduled for 2027.

If you have any suggestion for a theme for the 2027 Seminar, please email us. A list of all previous seminars’ themes is provided.

Sponsors acknowledgment

Thanks to the many sponsors that have supported our 2019 seminar: